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A Comparison of Best Security Cameras

Security is the need of every person because criminal activities are increasing these days and it is vital to secure your home. The CCTV cameras are undoubtedly useful to keep an eye on what is going on outside your house. When criminals see that security cameras are installed outside the house, they ultimately step back and so, you stay on a safe side. To deter crimes, the installation of security systems for a home with the camera is necessary as you ultimately feel a sense of security because it is quite intimidating for criminals to catch red-handed. More on, you can monitor scenarios and activities outside the premises whereas, in case of any mishap in the area, the CCTV is one of the most effective things to gather shreds of evidence. When you are not at home, you feel insecure about the safety of your kids and other family members, however, the installation of cameras makes you relax and you can do your office work with a peace of mind. Here, in this article, our experts have analyzed some most useful cameras to help you choose the suitable one.

The Nest Cam outdoor is specifically designed for the security of homes and offices. The design of the camera is quite eye-catching whereas it has a strong backup process that brings peace of mind. The camera is integrated with IFTTT whereas the Nest Aware service also stores the footage of around 30 days in the cloud. The app support allows its seamless integration and its installation is also effortless.

If you want some extraordinary solution to security issues then Netatmo Presence should be the prior choice as it can even distinguish people by their features and that is absolutely great. It is camera cum security light and has amazing features that make it a must-have product. It makes sure the surveillance around the clock in full HD whereas the security light also works whenever the system detects any motion. More on, it enables you to stay alert all the time by differentiating motion of animals, car, and human beings, so the more accurate results are ensured. The burglars will definitely think twice before entering the house with any bad intention because the design of the camera is quite prominent.

The perfectly designed Logi circle is an eyeball camera that does not even record the daily activities but edits as well. There is a day –view feature that allows the editing of daily events and the internal battery is also quite durable to provide long-term benefits. So, if you want a quick solution for surveying the outside area of your house then Logi circle is absolutely a great choice. The built-in battery allows wireless installation while the magnetic base makes it compatible to install anywhere outside the gate of the house. However, there is no slot for the memory card and free cloud storage is also provided for one day only.

It is a miniature magnetic camera and is useful for some events but you can install it outside the home as well. Ezviz mini plus streams and saves 1080p clips whereas it also has local data storage and cloud options. This diminutive camera doesn’t require a complicated process to install but the stand has a weak magnet. The adjustable motion allows you to check the picture quality and you can even store more data than 1080p clips due to the option of the memory card. However, you may also have to install a bulb outside the house because the camera provides poor picture quality in the low light.

It is one the best home security systems in the UK as the basic cloud storage plan for this camera is free for seven days. The compact design looks outstanding and the installation process is also quite easy. There is also a user-friendly Arlo app that allows you to access the key features without facing any fuss over the configuration.  It can provide a good initiative towards the protection of your property and the price of Netgear is also very low.